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My life, already

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I spent nine years in Norfolk, six years in Essex, a couple of years in Hertfordshire then when I was seventeen I moved to Devon, which was like another country. I lived contentedly for the most part until my husband, daughters and I moved to France, which was challenging for all of us. After six years one daughter moved back to UK, then two years later I brought my other daughter back, my husband remaining in France until his death in 2002. For fourteen years I worked with older people for Devon County Council, till my retirement in 2012.

Savage Gordon passed away in December 2013, at an advanced age, and we were very sad to lose him. I still have Ronnie and Doll-Face, black and white brother and sister cats, who are frequently visited by their friend Luna from the garden the other side of the lane between the two rows of houses. Luna is a grey Burmese cat, who likes to retrieve paper balls.